How To Beat Depression

Being depressed is of course something that we never want, but at the same time, it can make you feel helpless. Depression is a common problem these days and it has become more common in today’s youth. Therapy and medication is not everything that can cure depression, there are a lot of things that the person suffering from depression can do as well and some of them have been mentioned in this article. Simple things like changing your lifestyle, your behavior, physical activities and even the way you can think can help you to beat depression naturally.

Here are some tips on ‘How To Beat Depression’ that you can follow to feel better.

Make and follow a routine

According to psychiatrists, you need a routine if you are depressed. Depression can change your daily routine of your life and strip away the basic structure that you have always followed. You would fail to understand how day one melts into days two. You can start by setting a gentle routine and sticking by it as this would help you to bring your life on track. This is the first step that you should undertake in order to fight depression.

How To Beat DepressionSet few goals

When you are depressed, life goal is the last thing that comes to your mind and moreover, when you are depressed, you always feel that you cannot accomplish anything. And these are something that is bound to make you more depressed. Setting daily goals is a great way to get away from such thoughts and feel more confident.

Make sure that you start small and make attempts in order to fulfill the goals as well and set goals that you know you will be able to succeed and that can be something as simple as doing the dishes or walking your dog every day.

Once, you start feeling better, you can take up more challenging tasks.

Exercise daily

There are feel-good chemicals named endorphins that are secreted when you exercise. Endorphins are also known to have long term benefits on people suffering from depression. Regular exercise can really help you as it has many positive effects not only on the body but also on the brain.

There is no upper or lower limit as far as exercise is concerned obviously, if you are not planning to run the marathon. Walk couple of times in a week to feel better.

Eat a balanced diet

There is nothing as the perfect diet that can cure depression. But it is important that you eat a balanced diet more so, if depression is making you eat a lot more than what you eat usually. This would make you feel better.

There is no proof, but it is said that omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid can help beat depression. Include tuna, avocado and salmon in your diet.

Sleep well

Depression might keep you awake for many long hours but still it is important that you sleep at least for 4-5 hours in day to start with. Lack of sleep can make you feel more depressed.

Change your lifestyle a bit and you can try by hitting your pillow at the same time every day and also getting up at the same time. Do not take naps in between no matter how much sleepy you feel. Keep of any kind of distractions like TV and computer away from your bed.

Take responsibilities

When you are depressed, you give up any responsibility that is on you but to beat depression, taking few responsibilities might help. Stay involved and keep yourself busy to dodge off depressive thoughts. This is can really help you beat depression naturally.

It is not important that you stay engaged full time, 3-4 hours of engagement per day is a good enough to start with.

Start a new hobby

Learn guitar, play tennis, learn swimming, join salsa classes or anything that you have always wanted and something that would make your happy. You can go to a museum or volunteer for a NGO as well. You can also join a language class.

These 7 steps on ‘How To Beat Depression’ can really help you to feel better and happy. Enjoy life and have fun with your loved ones.

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